Friday, February 29, 2008

Here's what you're missing...

I thought I'd dedicate these pictures to my mom, who is someplace warm right now. Don'tcha miss this, Mom?!

We've shoveled a LOT of snow this winter! Here's a picture of a Fort they built earlier this winter.

Right now the kids are out having fun, throwing snowballs at icicles (and the house, and each other, and me until I escaped...) They won't be in for a long time; it's 34 degrees, and they know school awaits them!

Well, this beats the -2 weather we had for awhile!
Merry :-)


Marianne said...

Great pictures, Merry. You've been tagged for an Excellent Award - details at my blog.

Jules said...

Cute! Love the fort!! We just didn't get enough snow in Ohio when I was a kid for forts but I sure would have loved one. :)