Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bookworm Bookmarks

The kids and I have been playing with yarn! Zac & Anna wanted to learn how to crochet while I read stories, so I got them started on some basic stitches while I worked on these little critters before and after reading aloud. I remember these "bookworms" from when I was a child, they make adorable bookmarks.

This curly critter is as nosy as my kids, trying to read ahead in our book! We started reading Calico Bush yesterday morning, and just as we got to the scary part where the "wild woman" grabs the little girl...the 2nd Midwest earthquake of the day made our couches vibrate and knickknacks rattle! We missed the first one, but the second sure added some excitement to our day!

Crocheting was a nice way to relax after all the commotion

Of course, the kids followed that up with a squirt-gun fight in the rain...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random....Kids' say...

My kids have come up with some doozies lately!

Praying for dinner one night, Anna (9) said, "Thank you God for this food which we are about to digest..." It took all of, oh 2 seconds for the rest of us to split a gut laughing!

Then today the car ran over a crooked stick in the road & it made a noise, so she asked what it was. "Just a stick," I replied.

"Oh," says she, "it would have been weird if it was an alien."

"Yes, it would have..." Where DO they come up with these thoughts?

The kicker was my son the other night as I got ready for a meeting.

"I like your hair, Mom."
"Thanks Honey."
"Not too much brown, not too much gray."

LOL! My Mom would disagree as she's much too young to have a daughter with this much gray. As for me, I'm in denial. Those are natural blonde highlights, aren't they?

Merry :-)