Friday, July 4, 2008

Sometimes the Night is Beautiful...

Rich Mullins. Love this song. It takes me back to the days when Dave was a youth pastor & we were leading a mission trip. Sometimes it was so hot! And there was so much we wanted to do... but then it all ended for Dave.

We talked of Abraham and Sarah when we moved here, of what a true patriarch is, of going on a pilgrimage and not knowing where God was leading...

Tonight I saw the fireworks--we could almost touch the sky, Zac, Anna, and I.

I remember a fireworks long ago, before the kids, just Dave and I--it was the first time I ever saw fireworks to music, at the big racetrack in Arlington Heights. There were thousands there, and I had wondered why Dave wanted to drag me to such a crowd, until I heard the music in my bones and touched the sky with him, they were so close...and we were so real then. I cherish that he took me.

Sometimes the night is beautiful.


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