Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Husband, the Archaeologist!

Merry Christmas everyone! (is anyone still reading?!)

I've gotta brag on my dear husband a bit. I had on my Christmas wish list a CD of a tape that we have. The 97 Promise Keeper's tape, The Making of a Godly Man--I loved it & played it over & over in our van. But the van died last summer & of course they don't put tape-players in vehicles these days! I've missed that tape so much.

Dave really wanted to shop locally, but you have to understand our local Christian bookstore. The owner had a system that only she understood. Stacks upon stacks of books everywhere, some on shelves, some on the floor...with just enough room to squeeze past. When you go there, you have to want to dig...or to ask for what you want and hope someone knows where it is. But the owner is now in a nursing home, and her family is left trying to run it or sell it--and there is a back room plus 3 more stories of stacks and boxes from the last few decades.

Now you know why I called him an archaeologist. He went there several days, digging through many boxes of CD's (without even knowing if they might have the one I wanted). Some boxes would start out in alphabetical order and then the order would stop suddenly. The new owners found a place to set up a chair for him and brought box after box...and then he found it!

What a wonderful Christmas present. I don't know what I love more--his persistence and sacrifice of time and energy (and energy is a premium), or the fact that he has this ability this year. I told the kids last week how much we have to thank God for because Daddy is doing so much better than he was a year ago. And this--well, this touched my heart more than any gift I can think of.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! May we all value the life we have, and cherish the friends and family in our lives. In Christ, Merry :-)