Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you have hope?

If you're feeling like you just might not have the strength to make it through this time--if you just can't keep going, can't get up again--well, you've got to see this amazing video. Nick Vujicic will encourage you.

Today my husband Dave told me that he thinks often about the little boy from John 6:9. He had so little to give--five small barley loaves, and two little fish. What if he had just thought it wasn't worth giving? What if he thought Jesus couldn't possibly use what he had to give? I mean really, feed 5,000 people? But what he had, he gave, and trusted the Lord to multiply. And so we need to give, we can't think it's too little or that God can't use it. We have to give--even if it's our lunch and we might go hungry--if we want to see what God can do.

Dave, this video is especially for you. Sometimes you are him, continuing to get back up, and you amaze me. Sometimes you might need to be encouraged by him--might feel like you can't get up again. Thank you for inspiring me, and letting me inspire you.

Merry :-)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So am I the last one?

The last time I went shopping for new jeans was possibly last century. I bought used the last time I needed any, and I think I was given some before that, and before that I have no idea! Well, my jeans had holes, so it was time to hit the store.

So I went out to Stuff-Mart (Christmas gift card!), ready to spend half an hour looking at the denim delectables. Three hours later, I think I tried on every pair of jeans in the store to figure out what fit. I was hoping to find some that were "hip," as I know it's no longer in fashion for them to come to your waist. Little did I know I'd have no choice; they really don't make ones that come to your waist anymore anyway. I think there was one pair that did! That's when I began to wonder if I might be the last woman in America with spleen-high jeans.

All the other types were a range of hip-huggers, some so low I knew I'd need fancier undies, some more tolerably "mid-rise." Then I had to wade through flares, boot cut, straight legs & tapered, and then all the colors--did I want black jeans, dark blue, medium blue, light blue, faded in parts, faded all over, stone-washed, with detailing or without, with rips or without (that one was easy, I already had the with-rips set)... All I wanted was a pair of BLUE JEANS!

Some advertised "new technology" in the form of various tummy restraining or tummy "smoothing" (whatever that is) "panels." Are we talking control-top jeans here? I did have to laugh that the size 8's had this too. I'm a size 8 in my dreams :).

I told the Fitting Room Attendant around 10 pm that I hoped I was finally done after trying on a boatload of jeans and a barrel of shirts. Mistake. On my way out I saw a couple of shirts I loved, but by that time I was too tired to try them on, so I just brought them home. I wasn't sure they were the right size, so I went back this morning at 8:30 to try on a smaller size. I joked to myself that she might be there again, but the coast was clear when I went into the fitting room. To my chagrin when I came out, there she was! It was like seeing a ghost! I ran!

Well, I did find 2 pairs of jeans that will work, and I'm set until the next decade. (Kinda scared to know what they'll come out with next!). The ones I bought are comfy and only have one little problem. That 2" or so space on my back that is used to another layer of clothing is cold now! Do they sell waist-warmers?

Merry :-)