Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do you have hope?

If you're feeling like you just might not have the strength to make it through this time--if you just can't keep going, can't get up again--well, you've got to see this amazing video. Nick Vujicic will encourage you.

Today my husband Dave told me that he thinks often about the little boy from John 6:9. He had so little to give--five small barley loaves, and two little fish. What if he had just thought it wasn't worth giving? What if he thought Jesus couldn't possibly use what he had to give? I mean really, feed 5,000 people? But what he had, he gave, and trusted the Lord to multiply. And so we need to give, we can't think it's too little or that God can't use it. We have to give--even if it's our lunch and we might go hungry--if we want to see what God can do.

Dave, this video is especially for you. Sometimes you are him, continuing to get back up, and you amaze me. Sometimes you might need to be encouraged by him--might feel like you can't get up again. Thank you for inspiring me, and letting me inspire you.

Merry :-)


Anonymous said...

Merry, you are so inspiring to many and such an encourager! God bless you, Dave and the children.
Keep on, keepin' on....Phil. 3:13

Anonymous said...

That was amazing Merry! Thank you for sharing it. *You* are such an encouragement as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that video made me cry! Very inspirational... You are very inspiring, as well, Merry. You just keep on going, despite the difficulties in your life. You and Dave are both so amazing! :O)