Saturday, May 16, 2009

Need to save a couple hundred $?

On Mother's Day, Dave informed our dear little cherubs that their mother is priceless...and that they'd be getting the bill soon, LOL!

The kids tried to guess how much it would be & one of them said, "1.1 million dollars?" I said that sounded pretty good (Dave said it wasn't enough!).

Then when we were cleaning up, my sooo sweet son asked, "Can I help clean anything else?"

"Oh thank you honey, that was so sweet of you to ask..." I said, to which he replied,

"That ought to be worth a couple hundred off!"


Oh my...

Merry :-)


Anonymous said...

Very funny! Sounds like a great combination of sweet and sensible.

Anonymous said...


I am a fellow Sonlighter (kwaisun). I came across this and felt I needed to get it you.

Tami Cox

Unknown said...

That's a sweet comment by your little one. Found your blog on TWTM. Nice to meet you.