Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Dad Does Great Things With Me
by Zachary Marinello (age 6)  © 2003

Once before he married mommy, he was bitten by a deer tick. Then it gave him his Lyme disease.  Then when he married mommy, after 9 weeks and I was a baby, He played with me.  And now he tries to do great stuff.

He walks with me, and we went to the secret garden.  When we were in the secret garden, we saw a statue, and me and Anna climbed on it.  It was a dragon with a man standing on top of it.  It was just a statue, and me and Anna knew that.  Dad wondered who could tell about it, and we saw a rock with words on it, so we read it.  Then we saw a bridge.  There was no river, but it was a bridge anyway.  I went on it, and then we left.  Before we went to the secret garden, we played pretend tennis and then baseball.  Then we went mini-golfing.

And when he does great stuff with me, I feel so good with him that I feel he is without his Lyme disease.  But he is still having a painful day today and I know that.  And Daddy talks to his friends when he meets them at lunch.  If he stays home and gets a rest, he’ll get better and better, and his prescription will help him get better. God will help Daddy and he preached so people would know more and more about Jesus.  I love Dad.

When Zach wrote this, he was in first grade and his favorite subjects (that week) were history and math.  This was his first composition, and he chose the subject.  He liked Rescue Heroes, wrestling with his sister, and being read to.

Mom's note--Zach was born 8 years after we were married, not nine weeks!  Zach is a wonderful reminder that the most important things we do are those we do together.

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