Friday, February 17, 2012

Broken but not Wounded

by Michelle W.

Brokenness and woundedness are not synonymous. If a horse is broken, you can ride it; if a horse is wounded, you cannot.

I am a broken person in the kingdom of God. God can count on me to follow instructions, walk nicely, run when needed. I am useful to him.

Being broken is good.

I used to be a wounded person in the kingdom of God. I didn't walk well (in fact, I limped), I didn't know how to follow instructions, and I "bucked" a lot. Life was hard - a constant struggle.

Was God mad at me then? No! Did he ride me harder then? Never! He led me gently.

He broke me with his kindness. He healed me with his love.

If God was so kind and gentle, why was I worn out? Because I ran frantically around and around, trying to do what the other "horses" were doing, trying to be what I wasn't created to be.

*     *     *

Michelle has been married for over 20 years and has four grown sons whom she home-schooled.  Her life message is “In every aspect of life, I have seen the faithfulness of God when I did NOT deserve it.”  She also writes, “This year I've experienced genuine and permanent freedom, healing, peace, and the love of God. Life in Christ is a precious gift, and I think too few people ever take hold of it!”

© 2003, originally posted on the Sonlight Teacher's Lounge

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