Monday, April 9, 2012

More Power

"I can't get the blade off!" said my frustrated fifteen-year-old as he stormed into the room.  Earlier in the day, Dave had hurt his back trying to take the blade off our mower, and now our son was trying to remove it so that he could sharpen it.

With a calm that only can come from the Lord (because I'm not the most patient person!), I went down to see what I could do, even though my son is now stronger than I am.  Sometimes it's a matter of brain over brawn, or perseverance when impatience rushes in.

That nut sure did look like it was there to stay.  (No comments from the peanut gallery, I mean on the mower, not me!).  I tried the wrench...maybe he had reversed which way tightens and which reverses?  Right away I could see part of the problem--there's no way to get any leverage, the blade swings freely while you try to turn the nut.  I looked around for some options, and we tried having one of us stop the blade with a big monkey wrench while the other cranked on the nut.  We pushed in opposite directions with all our strength.  Nothing.

"See?!" he exclaimed. I saw.

I dug some grass that had caked on the bottom.

"That's not the problem!"

"I know, but I need to stop and think what to do here."  What we need is more power. 

I tested the waters:  "Maybe we'll need to ask one of our neighbors.  You and one of the men will be stronger than you and I."

He fiddled with something on the workbench but sounded like that might be worth considering.

"God," I prayed out loud, "we're really frustrated and we need your wisdom to figure this one out.  Please help us."

I went to find the owner's manual, that suggested using a block of wood to brace the blade while cranking the nut.  I started to think about leverage, wondering if I was using every advantage I could with the handle of the wrench when Dave came downstairs.

"I thought you were sleeping?"

"I was.  But suddenly I knew I had to get up and come down here."

God is so good!  We needed Dave's wisdom, and Dave needed to feel useful (my hero!)...and God answered all our needs!

Dave handed me the same wrench I'd been using, and a mallet.  I'm astounded by the physics--literally I barely tapped the handle of the socket wrench, and the nut turned right away.  Zach and I had used all our strength and that nut hadn't even budged!  We needed more power in every way...and God supplied.

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Mark said...

I mow lawns for a living and have this problem quite often, at times my impact won't even get those nuts off. I have to use that block of wood, a breaker bar w/a cheater bar over that and kick the snot out of it...yes, very frustrating!