Saturday, April 20, 2013

Back Cover Sneak Peak: Invisible Illness, Visible God

Proof Copy
Invisible Illness, Visible God
I promised a sneak peak of the back cover of Invisible Illness, Visible God this's a proof copy!

I'm honored to have endorsements from Shelly Esser, Author and Editor of Just Between Us Magazine and Steve Demme, Founder of Math-U-See and Building Faith Families.  Both of their ministries have been encouraging to me.

Okay, before you go dig out a magnifying glass...Here's the full text:

What would you give
to be able to see God?

Thirteen years ago the author’s husband Dave was disabled by an “invisible illness.” God, how will we live and raise our children? Don’t you care about what we’re going through? Dave was diagnosed with Lyme disease, but that wasn’t what changed their lives most.

Are you ready to find something more than just a lesson to learn from painful experiences? Are you ready to meet God in a deeper, more meaningful way?

“Chronic illness can be overwhelming, leaving you and your loved ones feeling helpless and hopeless. Invisible Illness, Visible God is a transparent collection of devotions from someone who has walked in your shoes. Out of her own experience, the author brings daily encouragement, helping you persevere in this difficult journey with hope. The book is like a daily balm for your weary soul reminding you that God is near in your journey—and that you are never alone. You will come away feeling like you were “lifted into Jesus’ arms” in the midst of your pain. This book is a must-read for those who suffer with chronic illness and for those who suffer along with them.”
~ Shelly Esser

“Jesus is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He meets us in the valleys of life, which are normal for His followers. I so appreciate believers who are real, like David throughout the Psalms, and the Marinello's in this precious book. Thank you for your courage and candor in facing the problems of life and finding the man of sorrows on your journey.”
~ Steve Demme

Thanks for taking a look; let me know what you think!

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Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to get my hands on this book!!!!!!

Merry said...

Thanks, I hope you'll be blessed by it!

Chrystal Hurst said...


Very proud of you. The lessons you have learned will be valuable to many - starting with me! Looking forward to it.

Merry said...

Thanks Crystal!

Merry said...

Crystal, your new book Kingdom Woman looks amazing! Looking forward to your new blog!