Saturday, August 24, 2013

How Powerful?

As the kids and I were looking at verses about God's power the other day (and it was amazing how many of them talked about God's care for us at the same time), we re-read parts of the creation story and marveled at how God spoke the world into existence. Then I held up the Bible and said, "What is this?"

"God's Word."

It struck me then, and I asked the kids, "Do we treat this as something amazing and powerful? Do we marvel, and listen with awe and reverence? This has the power to change us in ways we haven't even conceived, for God to work miracles in us."

Do we take it for granted? Do we treat the Word with less than awe?  Sometimes I'm in awe, but sometimes, yeah, if I'm honest, I can get complacent about the Word. I want to have a humble heart for God to work in and change me, in whatever way he wants.

Praying God's Word works mightily in you!

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