Monday, August 26, 2013

National Invisible Illness Week is coming up!

Check it out. September 9th-15th:

"Illness Awareness Week is held annually in September and is a worldwide effort to bring together people who live with invisible chronic illness and those who love them."

Founder Lisa Copen (also the founder of Rest Ministries) encourages us that while we can't choose our illness, we CAN choose how to respond. It's so easy to focus on what we can't do, on the things that aren't fair, on the limitations, on unfulfilled dreams.  It's work to focus on doing what we CAN do. My husband is so inspiring in this. He does get down at times about what he can't do, but he sets a goal every day, and he's always looking for ways he can serve our family or encourage. He's a blessing to me!

Check out Founder and Author Lisa Copen's video, and consider uploading a photo about what YOU would like to choose (there's also a contest to win a free kindle!)

There are so many things we can choose! I can't wait to blog about some in the upcoming weeks.

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