Sunday, September 8, 2013

Dear Lord...and Invisible Illness Chats!

I LOVE this prayer from Karlton Douglas:

Prayer: Dear Lord, heal us please! But if you don’t, then send comfort from the Holy Spirit as we await our new bodies. Amen.

Received in the Rest Ministries Encouragement for You devotional. Check it out, some good stuff! 

Are you going to Invisible Illness Week?  Each day at 1pm Central time they are having a chat and a special speaker joining in. Monday is Christine Miserandino, popularly known for her article, The Spoon Theory (if you haven't read it, SO good for anyone with a chronic illness and their loved ones and to help others understand what it's like). Just go to and they will be posting questions for us to comment on, along with some special guests.  My Monday is going to be CRAZY busy, but I'm hoping to drop in. 

Meanwhile...the above prayer was encouraging to me. God is sovereign...that's another thing that we choose to put our faith in here. I was just telling a friend that I need to be content to live in whatever circumstance God has for me today. But as I wait for my pinched nerve to heal...I'm not always so patient!  (Looking forward to that new body!)  But God is good, and continues to walk with us day by day--and we need to continue to feed on his love for us and to rely on him moment by moment.

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