Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book Reception Celebration!

Two weeks ago, a dear friend of mine hosted a book reception for me at a local coffee shop.

 She made a beautiful display of my awards and books...

and got another very talented friend to make this incredible cake! I hated to cut into it!

But of course we did! We had about 20-30 people there, and I had an absolutely lovely time talking with friends and meeting a few new people as well.

I'm so thankful for good friends, church, and family. No one writes a book alone, and especially not a rubber-meets-the-road, how-will-God-carry-us-through? kind of book. I was so blessed to be able to share the scriptures that have been food for my soul over the past 14 years, the questions and heartaches, and the ways that my husband, even in his pain, has encouraged and enabled me to stay steadfast in my faith.  Thank you all, dear friends. (and this is the only "people" picture my kids happened to capture, so if others have pictures, send them my way!) It was a joy to celebrate my book with you, but even more, God's goodness to us all.


Unknown said...

Merry, I just wanted to let you know that I have started to read "Invisible Illness, Visible God", and am finding peace and hope on its pages. It took me a few days to open it up after receiving it, and somehow, I just didn't want to "deal" with it, but when I did, and found that you had signed it with a scripture quote which felt like it was meant just for me, tears sprung to my eyes. It's not me who has Lyme Disease, but my 18-year old son. He was diagnosed in Feb, 2013, after having experienced severe fatigue for about 4 months. He is seeing a Lyme Disease Specialist, but still struggles with huge energy issues, and is aiming to begin college on August 17. I have to have faith that all will work out according to His plan, and I think your devotional book will give me the strength and peace I need at this time. Blessings, Carol Stribula

Merry said...

Carol, my heart goes out to you and your family. Lyme can be so difficult to deal with. I'm glad your son is getting good treatment with a Lyme specialist, and pray that he will have the strength and stamina he needs for college this fall. May the Lord encourage you both on this journey! Merry :-)