Stories of Hope

What keeps you going when your life falls apart, when circumstances seem unbearable and continuing on seems impossible?

In my deepest pain during Dave’s illness, I had no strength to go to God with—but sometimes I would listen to the story of someone else trusting God through their pain, and somehow their words would lift me into Jesus’ arms, and He would carry me into God’s presence. My prayer is that God will use these “Hope stories” to lift you into Jesus’ arms at a time when you feel too weary to walk. I know God is waiting for you. Come, let’s go together.

DO YOU HAVE A STORY OF HOPE? Email us, we'd love to hear from you: merry (at) hopeismyanchor (dot) com.

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Chronic Illness: What's it Like? The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino (this link takes you offsite but is well worth the read).
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You can also read Merry's articles originally published by Christianity Today in their magazine Marriage Partnership, now called Kyria:

Testing Our Vows I thought I would have my best friend forever. Now I wasn't so sure. Third place winner for Higher Goals in Christian Journalism, 2005.

Lost in Translation: When communication broke down, Dave and Merry Marinello had to learn a new language.

Simple Gifts: What cereal boxes and straightened shoes taught me about love

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Miscarriage Allison's Story by Amanda Padgett (this link takes you to another site, but the story is incredible.)

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