“One need not feel that writing has to be a career for it to be worth while, nor that it has to be prepared for by formal study before it can be fulfilling to the writer.  If you feel you have an unrecognized talent for writing, or if you simply love to write and want to do it, my advice is write.  But write without ambitious pride, which makes you feel it is a ‘waste’ to write what will never be published.  Write to communicate with someone, even if it is literally only one person.  It is not a waste to write beautiful prose or poetry for one person’s eyes alone!”

~Edith Schaeffer, The Hidden Art of Homemaking

Write the True Truth

The Book Designer: Practical advice to help build better books. Joel Friedlander's blog is amazing, packed full of useful content for every stage of book publishing from planning your book to after it's published.

Write To Publish  Annual writer's conference in Wheaton, IL.  Great instruction, Awesome panels of editors and publishers, and opportunities to meet one on one with editors to pitch your book or article idea.

Sally Stuart  Author of the Christian Writer's Market Guide

Right Writing  Author Terry Whalin (of more than 60 books) gives advice, teaches skills, and provides opportunities--a how-to place for writers.  Great Newsletter.

Michael Hyatt's Blog  Commentary about the world of Christian publishing and other subjects.

Jane Rubietta, Abounding Ministries  Awesome speaker